Good-Friday-Cross-2“Forgiveness is a strange thing. It can sometimes be easier to forgive our enemies than our friends. It can be hardest of all to forgive people we love. Like all of life’s important coping skills, the ability to forgive and the capacity to let go of resentments most likely take root very early in our lives.”

Fred Rogers

Today is Good Friday, the day Jesus died on the cross. Because of His death we are forgiven. Because He has forgiven us, He now asks us to forgive others. If I have ever hurt you in any way, will you forgive me? Please let me know.



“First, He brought me here; it is by His will that I am in this difficult place; in that I will rest. Second, He will keep me here in His love, and give me grace in this trial to behave as His child. Third, He will make the trial a blessing, teaching me the trials He intends for me to learn, and working in me the grace He means to bestow. Fourth, in His good time he can bring me out again….how and when He knows.

So…..I am here by His appointment, in His keeping, under His training, for His time.”

Missionary Andrew Murray