I miss

As the year turns from 2017 to 2018, I start my sixth calendar year being locked up. I never in my wildest imagination ever thought that I would be locked up for this amount of time, let alone being locked up at all. But here I am praying this will be my final year, and that I’ll be released to the free world soon enough. All I know is that God is in control, and that He’s got everything planned out to perfection.

There are so many things in life that I miss, being away from “civilization” for so long. When I lived in the free world, there were many things that I took for granted on a daily basis. Being incarcerated made me realize just how important these things were to me. As 2018 gets underway, I sit back and think of all the things I miss, and can’t wait to experience them all again someday soon.

I miss…….

  • Walking barefoot across carpet and sitting on a couch
  • Taking a nap on a recliner and watching television with a remote control in my hand and choosing whatever channel I want
  • Opening a fridge door just to see what is in there
  • Receiving phone calls and sending emails
  • Taking a shower without shower shoes and being able to control the temperature of the water
  • Having a room to myself
  • Looking at myself in a real mirror and not a reflection in a shiny object
  • The smell of clean clothes and wearing clothes other than the colors of tan, white, or gray.
  • Driving a car with the radio turned on
  • Making a PBJ sandwich whenever I want
  • Teasing my Grandma
  • Turning out the lights at night whenever I want
  • Swimming and sitting around a campfire
  • Going to the bathroom without having to clean the seat and cover it with toilet paper before sitting down
  • Using real silverware instead of plastic stuff
  • Burgers on the grill
  • Eating what I want to eat and all the sweets and pastries I want
  • Worshiping at my church
  • Holding money in my hand and having loose change in my pockets
  • Camping
  • Grocery shopping and going to the gas station
  • Talking sports with my Dad
  • Making a pizza any time of the day
  • Surfing the internet and sending a text to a friend
  • Mom’s gooey butter cake
  • Going to the dentist…..yes, really!
  • Using a microwave, stove, and oven
  • Family gatherings especially around the holidays
  • Cutting the grass, doing yard work and washing a car
  • Riding a bike and playing golf
  • Dressing up to go out on the town for a night
  • Hugs
  • Covering up with comforters and sleeping with a body pillow
  • Watching the Super Bowl with friends
  • Cooking and baking
  • Going out for ice cream
  • Quietness
  • Paying bills and saving money
  • Chatting with my Mom
  • Vacations and traveling
  • Going on dates
  • Wearing a suit and tying ties
  • Having a closet and plenty of space to store things
  • Flannel pajama bottoms to sleep in
  • Messing around with my brothers and sister and their spouses
  • Ceiling fans to lie under
  • The smell of home cooked meals
  • Kitchen tables, bar stools and counter space
  • CD’s, DVD’s and even VHS tapes of my favorite movies
  • The feel of a wallet in my back pocket, along with my keys in my possession
  • Watching Cardinal baseball and Blues hockey games
  • My 7 nieces and nephews……5 of which I have never even met
  • Most of all, I miss my Mom, Dad, family and friends

Even though I miss these things I’ll be much more appreciative of them all when I become free again. My challenge to all of you reading this today is that you remember the small things in life and don’t take them for granted. Give thanks to God for all things He provides in your life, even the smallest of small things that don’t seem important. Because to Him all things are important!


One thought on “2018”

  1. AMEN! We all have bad days & even months but if we thank God for the little things then we tend to be happier. When we don’t get the big things in life, the small things will remind us that we are still blessed. Also, we never know when it will be our last day on Earth so, it is a waste of time to stress over little things or to be upset. I am in a grad program for accounting right now & I got a 57% on my first corporate tax exam that I took last night. I wasn’t even mad or anything though. I was thankful because it was a better score than my individual income tax exams. Plus, I’m not a tax person. I’m thankful for my other academic skills that I have such as in auditing & financial accounting. But, I am also thankful for cuddles (Italians are the ultimate cuddlers), hugs, walks/hikes outside in the mountains with someone else & just talking. Even the beautiful sunsets will make my day.
    I am praying for you, Craig. Stay thankful, be happy & be patient. God already has a plan for you once you get out.


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