Planning a Route


When I was a kid growing up, I loved Halloween. I loved dressing up to go trick or treating door to door around the neighborhood. We hardly had candy around the house. We were more of a chip family, especially pretzels. But I always had, and still do have today, a sweet tooth. So when we kids had a chance to get free candy, we would never pass up the opportunity.

As Halloween night approached my brothers and I would decide on costumes and strategically plan our trick or treating route. We would never go out and buy those expensive costumes, but instead scrounged around the house for clothes, hats or material and items to be used for our costumes. We could get pretty creative with what we had, so a good costume was never in question.

The most important thing about Halloween nights, though, was the trick or treating route we would take to acquire as much candy as possible in a certain time. When planning the route, there were a few factors we had to take into consideration. When it came to candy, our brains kicked into high gear and we could brainstorm our thoughts with the best of them. So one of the factors that determined our route was the spacing between houses. Growing up, I lived in an older neighborhood. An older neighborhood meant bigger yards. And bigger yards meant more space between the houses. And more space between the houses meant more walking between the houses and less door to door time. So our main objective was to get out of our neighborhood as fast as possible and trick or treat in the newer neighborhood right next to ours.

Another factor that determined our route was the amount and types of candy obtained at each house. Once again the newer neighborhoods gave out the best and most candy. So our main objective was to take the shortest route out of our neighborhood while hitting the most houses in the quickest amount of time before stepping foot in the “big candy” neighborhood.

A few days before Halloween night, my brother and I would actually draw out a map of our route and give it to our dad, and told him to memorize it, as he would be an escort around the neighborhood. We took this thing seriously.

We wanted our candy. So on Halloween night, everything usually went as planned, and we always hit up plenty of houses. I guess it did help that my brothers and I could sprint, as we basically ran from house to house. Poor Dad, he had to keep up with us. I guess you could say it was more or less a competition for us to see if we could beat last year’s total. And yes, we always received more than enough candy to last us until Christmas. It was fun and we were rewarded for our plans.

Planning a route for trick or treating and what costume to wear during Halloween can be like planning for the future when you die, except much simpler. Just like my siblings and I planned the best route to get the most candy, planning to get to heaven requires just one decision. Both situations require planning. As a kid, my siblings and I put some time and thought into what costume to wear and where to go trick or treating. Getting to heaven requires only one decision and takes no time whatsoever: to confess that Jesus is Lord, and believes that God raised Him from the dead. My route for trick or treating had a lot of turns and wasn’t always the simplest route. However, my route to get to heaven is just to believe. Have you made that decision to believe yet? It’s that simple. I pray that you make plans soon to spend eternity in heaven before it’s too late. If not, perhaps it’s time to recalculate!


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