It’s Football Time!


The temperatures are starting to turn cooler. The leaves will start changing colors soon. And jeans and sweatshirts will be pulled out of hibernation to be worn on a daily basis. We’re in the month of September and it’s almost the season of Fall. You know what that means. DOWN! SET! HIKE! It’s Football Time!

In prison, time is not broken down into months or even the seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter. Instead, it is broken down into football, basketball and baseball seasons. Sports are huge in prison, especially football season, both college and NFL. Everyone has their team or teams they cheer for. My college team is the University of Missouri, even though they haven’t been the greatest the last few years. But I’m not giving up on them.

And my NFL team is …um…..does St. Louis even have a football team anymore? HA! I guess that answers that question. So I’ll have to go with the Green Bay Packers these days. No, they haven’t always been my team. The St. Louis Rams were. But since the Rams moved to Los Angeles I guess I jumped on the bandwagon after living in Wisconsin for over years and adopted the Packers. You can say it’s always nice to cheer on a consistently good team year after year.

I do love the hype and build-up of the National Championship and the Super Bowl that occurs throughout the regular season games. There are always the favorite teams that blow out their opponents. There are always the underdogs that squeak by with an unprecedented win. Records are broken and set. Season-ending, even career-ending injuries unfortunately occur. And an unknown team becomes someone’s newly favorite team.

Fans go all out and dress up for their team while attending games; some even like to go shirtless in zero degree temperatures while painting their chests. Let’s not forget about the tailgating junkies who set their tents up and bring their party vans out five hours before the game, grilling steaks, burgers, and brats while drinking their favorite adult beverage. Nothing beats a field with freshly covered snow where yardage markers can barely be seen. The bundling up in coats and coveralls, thermals, and hats are part of watching a football game outside. (And shouldn’t football be played outside?) Yes, it’s the joy of football.

I never played football as a kid. Soccer was the fall sport in our family. But I do enjoy watching football. It’s not as fun watching a game in prison without the closeness of friends and family around and stuffing your face with pizza and chicken wings, shrimp platters and beer. Although the atmosphere is not ideal, the screaming and fist pumping still occur in prison, and a friendly wager of push-ups over the big games is a given. On Super Bowl Sunday the lights are turned off in our unit and all eight televisions are tuned into the game. We make the experience as best as we can.

Someday soon, I’ll be surrounded by my loved ones once again, eating chips and salsa, sipping on a coke, while enjoying a football game on a big screen high definition television. I’m really looking forward to that. It’s all for the love of a football game!


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