White Christmas

snow-fallingIt was July 2, 2006. It was the wedding day of my sister and the love of her life. I hope both Tim and Angie remember this day! HA!

It is a day I know I’ll never forget, filled with a memory that sticks in my mind. Yes, the wedding was great. But I will remember what happened at the reception. And No, it was not the same thing that happened at my cousin’s wedding a few years later to my brother Eric and his soon-to-be-wife Emily. I can’t elaborate on that memory, as I do believe I’m the only one that witnessed “it.”

Anyway, on July 2, 2006, it was around 10pm. The wedding reception was outdoors and it was hot, over 100 degrees at the start of the evening. The band was on a short break,  probably went inside to cool off. About halfway through the 20 minute break my brother Kyle got the urge to walk up onto the band area, grab the microphone and started singing a cappella “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.” Right in the middle of a very hot and steamy St. Louis summer night he’s thinking of a snowy Christmas. And if I remember correctly, my Dad grabbed my Mom and they started dancing as my cousin’s husband joined Kyle at the microphone singing their rendition of the first ever Christmas carol to be sung at a July wedding. It was quite comical, but a good memory!

You are probably wondering where I am going with this. I’m sure many family members are chuckling as they, too, remember the incident at the reception. But Christmas is the key word in this story, since it is just a few days away. It seems to come sooner and sooner each year. To me, that’s a great thing. Granted, this memory at the wedding did not happen at Christmas time, but it did get me thinking about Christmas, especially a white Christmas.

I absolutely love snow. Everything about it! From skiing to snowboarding to even shoveling it and driving in it…..cautiously. It is pure awesomeness to me ……is awesomeness even a word? HA! Plus, the beauty of it is so breathtaking, and how eerily quiet falling snow can be. Have you ever been in the middle of nowhere on a dark quiet night watching and listening to the snow fall? It’s simply amazing!

And what can be more beautiful than waking up on Christmas morning with a fresh blanket of snow covering everything. It is clean and perfect, especially if there are no footprints or tire tracks going across it.

When I was a young kid, my sister Angie would not let us play in the snow in our front yard because she didn’t want it messed up. She, too, loved the cleanliness of it. It was tough not to play in it as a kid, as we had a perfect yard for sledding. But because she was the boss…..at least she thought she was…. we listened to her and played in the neighbors’ yards or our backyard instead. HA!

Growing up in Missouri, there were not too many white Christmases, just a handful that I can remember. But the times it did snow on Christmas Eve night made Christmas Day that much more special. It made a perfect day even more perfect. Christmas with snow can’t be beat.

Maybe you’ll experience fresh snow falling on Christmas this year. Consider how clean it is, how pure it looks, and how perfect it is before animals or people or cars make their marks in it. And think about another perfect day when God’s perfect Son was born….the first Christmas. Because of His birth….and years later….His death, He made us white as snow, perfect in every way.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? I know I am, even in Texas.

I’m praying you have a very merry Christmas with your family and friends.  Wish I could join you!



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