What to Wear!


How many of you have ever opened up your closet, looked at your clothes and said, “I’ve got nothing to wear?” I’m sure most of us have said that quite often.  The truth is most of us have dozens and dozens of different outfits to wear at any given time. I had a choir teacher in high school, Mrs. K, who told my class that she had enough clothes that she would never wear the same outfit twice through the school year. That’s incredible!! That’s at least 180 different tops and who knows how many skirts and pants!!!

I have to admit, though, that you may call me a hoarder of tee-shirts. Free tee-shirts seem to be my thing. It seems like anytime I can get a free tee-shirt I am there. It all started in college when getting free things for a poor college student was a must. I would sign up for credit cards, enter competitions, or just hang around the giveaway table at conventions in order to get a free tee-shirt. Of course, some tee-shirts were junky, but other times I would score on a nice one. Now, you may ask, what constitutes a nice tee-shirt……that would be one made with good quality with a nice design on the front that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear in public.

Throughout my years since college, my tee-shirt collection has grown tremendously. I’ve gotten rid of many of the junky ones and ones that have worn out, but I must admit, I still have a few tee-shirts from my college days. To be exact, I actually have well over one hundred tee-shirts all folded up just sitting in my closet today waiting to be worn…….unless my mom did some heavy duty pitching while I am away. HA! (That could happen!) When I get out of prison I will be cleaning shop and dwindling my stack of tee-shirts down, even if it means departing with the ones with good memories. I’ve come to realize that it’s just not necessary to have that many. But it’s OK, it’s never too hard to replace a free tee-shirt!!!

Here in prison, an inmate is limited as to what types of clothes they can have and how many. An inmate is not allowed to have any types of clothes that were purchased from outside these prison walls. Everything that one has is either given to him from the laundry services or bought at the commissary. Due to the lack of space that we have to store our clothes, each inmate is only allotted (or given) five tee-shirts, five pairs of socks, five boxers, three khaki pants, and three khaki shirts. And because we are only allowed to do laundry at the centralized laundry service once a week, in order to have clean clothes, an inmate must purchase more clothes from commissary or find more. It is not hard to find more clothes as people are leaving this compound quite frequently and they leave behind their extra clothes.

In case you are wondering what types of clothes and how much a tee-shirt hoarder like me has living in prison. Here is a complete list of my clothes in prison:

  • 8 white tee-shirts
  • 10 pairs of white socks
  • 10 boxers
  • 3 khaki pants
  • 3 button up khaki shirts
  • 2 tank tops
  • 1 thermal bottoms
  • 1 sweat shirt
  • 1 sweat pants
  • 2 thermal tops
  • 3 athletic shorts
  • 2 pairs of tennis shoes
  • 1 work boots
  • 2 sandals
  • 1 softball cleats

I must say it’s a major downsize as to what I have at home. And all the colors are either khaki, gray or white. But I am content with what I own in here. I’m not impressing anyone, so who cares if I wear the same outfit every day. We all dress pretty much the same anyway. Oh, I also have 3 towels, 3 washcloths, 3 sheets and 1 blanket in my possession.   That’s pretty much all of what I own in prison. To many people in the world, this is a lot of possessions. I’m thankful for what I have and know that a person doesn’t really need a lot of clothes in this life. I’m looking forward to weeding out a lot of my stuff at home and getting down to the basics. I like living the simple life style.

Godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. 1 Timothy 6:6-7



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