Seymour the Mockingbird

NorthernMockingbirdMost mornings Seymour is perched amidst a mushroom-shaped tree, overlooking the sidewalk, whistling his three-beat tune to all onlookers and those who pass by on their way to work or to the chow hall. It’s a cheerful  little tune that can brighten one’s day.

Seymour is a bird, a mockingbird to be exact. And Seymour is the name that the group of people I hang out with and I have decided to call him. During the morning hours he watches from about ten feet off the ground on the same branch on the same tree, singing to everyone his good morning tune. He’s a happy little fella. It’s like he says hello to us by nodding his head, and then whistles away. We politely respond by saying, “Good morning, Seymour,” and continue on our way. If we are lucky enough, at lunch time, he’ll be out on his perch again, looking over the hundreds of inmates, whistling his little tune. He’s like the compound pet. Well, to some of us that is. And we can always count on him to say hello on those sunny mornings.

I guess being in prison really puts into perspective all the little things in life that I never took time to notice. Before prison, I cannot even remember the last time I would take time to listen to a bird, let alone respond to it with a hello. The small things in life like walking barefoot through the grass, looking up at the clouds, watching the sunrise and sunset, the smell of rain, watching a thunderstorm are things I notice now. Coming to prison definitely makes me appreciate life at a whole other level of thinking, and in a good way.

How often do you notice the small things in life? Have you ever responded to a bird when it whistles at you or even took time to listen? Have you watched a bird go after a worm in the ground? Do you notice the clouds moving above you? Do you take a whiff of newly mowed grass? Do you notice the flowers blooming around you? Do you look closely at a spider’s web? God puts these small things in life for a reason. I know we don’t always see them, but they are there for us to appreciate. I encourage each of you to look around, to open up your eyes and ears, and notice those small things that God puts in your life. You just might appreciate life a little more. Plus, it will more than likely cause you to slow down your hectic pace a bit and might even put a smile on your face. And that’s always nice to see!


One thought on “Seymour the Mockingbird”

  1. Good post Craig. I think of all things people are missing because they can’t put down their cell phones. I went to the park today with one of my boys because it was gorgeous out and all but one of the parents there had their eyes glued to their phone. I enjoyed making sure my boy was safe and we even went and fed the ducks and fish. It’s all about the small things.


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