LOL faceIt was April of 1998, my senior year in high school. I received one of the lead roles in the musical “Grease.” I would be playing Roger, a greaser guy. It was dress rehearsal night, our last rehearsal before the big weekend production. My character was known as the “mooning king.” If you remember the movie, I was the one who mooned the cameras during the school dance. Of course, we deleted that scene for the performance. But that is how I got my name in the play. I even had to sing a solo with the song title called “Mooning.” During one of the scenes, another greaser guy….Kenickie….and I were to get in a fight. During the scene, Kenickie was to make fun of me for being the mooning king. He was to egg me on until I got angry with him, and I would swing a crowbar at him. He was to duck, grab my pants, and pants me while calling me the mooning king. Then he would run off stage.

Well, during dress rehearsal night, the scene was going as we always practiced. I was not to wear a belt so the pants would come off easier. I was also to wear shorts underneath the jeans. He was to grab right by my knees, not too high up so he wouldn’t pull anything else down. We rehearsed the scene numerous times, and everything went as planned. During the last rehearsal of the scene, I swung, he ducked, and he proceeded to grab my pants. However, he grabbed my pants way too high, and grabbed more than just my pants, pulling everything down. The small crowd that was there was laughing hysterically as I ran off stage. I wasn’t sure if the other performers off stage were even paying attention. But, sure enough, when I got off stage, they too were laughing out loud. I was told my face was beat red. I’m glad to know I brought laughter to their evening!

Yes, you guessed it. This was the most embarrassing moment in my life. But it’s good to know I can look back and laugh at it. What is your most embarrassing moment? Do you have one that makes people roll on the floor laughing? I’m sure everyone can think of one or even a few. They are always funny to read and bring a smile to my face.

Do you think God has a sense of humor? Do you think Jesus played jokes on His friends to make people laugh? Yes and yes! Check this out….last week here in Seagoville, we were setting record highs, topping out at 110 degrees almost every day. And just last night, a week later, we set a record low of 64 degrees in Texas in the middle of the summer. Now tell me that is not a sense of humor on God’s part.  I’m sure it brought a smile to His face!

ostrich-headOr think of giraffes and ostriches! Can’t you see God chuckling as He created them? Or what about the black and white stripes on a zebra? And what about those lightning bugs? Really? A bug with a light in it?? I’m sure God enjoyed every part of creating some unusual species in the world. Then there’s the time Jesus told Peter to go out and catch a fish, and when Peter caught a fish he found a coin in its mouth….to pay the tax he owed. Out of all the fish in the seas, Peter catches the one with a coin. Can’t you see Jesus rolling on the floor laughing at that! And the time with Peter again…..He must have really enjoyed Peter…..when Jesus told Peter to throw his net on the other side of the boat because Peter was not catching any fish. What happened? Suddenly there were 153 fish in Peter’s net!!! What humor!! And then the Jonah story. God put Jonah in the belly of a whale! Really, how funny is that!!

What about your own life where God must be smiling down on you.  A couple struggling to get pregnant, then having twins! Seeing a beautiful sunset after you’ve had such a rotten day. A medical test that showed you are now healthy after previous troubling news. A butterfly landing on your window after you just buried a loved one. A telephone call from an old friend at just the right moment. An unexpected gift.  Or hearing a song on the radio when you are feeling especially low. These are all special moments that God brings in our lives, and surely they must bring a smile to His face. We may not hear Him laughing, but we can sense His pleasure.

By God’s design, laughter dissolves stress, relieves anger, eases disappointment, lowers blood pressure, and mends relationships. Ask any doctor and they will tell you that when a patient begins to regain his sense of humor, it’s a sign of healing at work.  Psalm 126:2 says, “Our mouths were filled with laughter.” In Ecclesiastes we read “There is a time for everything….a time to laugh.”  God created laughter. He created funny things in life to look at, funny moments to laugh out loud. He also allowed situations in life that we can say is, Jesus laughing“OK, God, very funny. I don’t understand what you are doing, but You do have a sense of humor.” We all experience moments like these on a daily basis. God wants us to laugh and to use what He created to bring glory to Him.  When He answers our prayers in unexpected and creative ways, when He makes a way where there was no way, we can’t help but smile and shake our heads in amusement. And amazement. And know He is doing the same. As it has been said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans!!! Then He will be LOL!!!


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