Rain Rain Go Away

“Rain Rain, Go away, Come again some other day”

rainHow many times have you said that in your life? Probably quite a bit, especially before a golf outing or going to a ball game or picnic or even a day at the Lake. Rain can spoil a variety of outdoor activities. And when being outdoors kills time the fastest here in prison, the constant rain is keeping us inside, doing rainy day activities instead.

It just turned June 1 and we have already passed the rainiest spring on record in Dallas. The weather forecasters say we could pass the all-time wettest year with months to go yet. The temperatures are cooler, which I love, but being cooped up inside for hours and even days on end can get to a person. Of course, we find things to do inside our unit. There’s a lot of book reading, card playing, and board gaming that takes place. And then there are those that cook and eat non-stop when they are bored.

Just the other day I had my first “ironed” cheese sandwich! Yes, you read it correctly. We don’t have a grill or hot plate or even an oven, but we do have an iron….one that we use to iron clothes, and yes, to even grill, or I should say, “iron” our sandwiches, too! HA! It’s pretty simple actually. There are six steps that one must do in order to make a successful “ironed” cheese sandwich:

  1. Clean the iron.
  2. Turn the iron on low hear (we don’t have Pam here so too high of heat will make the bread stick to the iron, destroying the sandwich).
  3. Butter both sides of the bread.
  4. Place the iron on the sandwich for a few minutes, checking it often.
  5. Flip the sandwich to iron the other side, repeating Step Four.
  6. Clean the iron.

And there you have it – a freshly “ironed” cheese sandwich! It tastes wonderful, too!

Besides the ironed sandwich that was made this past weekend, pizzas, pies and cakes were made, as well as other items, too! All were made using a microwave. I should write a cookbook called “Microwave Fun” with the recipes I’ve learned in prison using only a microwave. Rainy days can be fun! You just have to get your creative juices flowing and have an appetite to eat all day!!!

God obviously created rain for a reason. Some people absolutely hate the rain; others love it. Take farmers, for example. Without rain, their growing season would be over and their farms in jeopardy. Without rain, would the flowers blossom like they do or the grass turn a dark green and blow in the wind? Without rain, would the leaves on trees grow or the lakes be filled to capacity? Without rain, would the rivers and creeks create such scenic waterfalls? I could go on and on about the beauty that rain creates. During the rainy season when I lived in Hawaii, 200 hundred foot waterfalls would shoot off the sides of the mountain whenever it rained. Beautifully stunning! Where does our drinking water come from, or bath or sprinkler water? Rain!! When God created the earth He put everything in its place for a reason. So next time it rains and your plans are spoiled, give God thanks for the beauty He created and how  it is used for our good. He did it all for us…..because He loves us! Rain is a Miracle from God! Enjoy this song as you consider the rain!!! Maybe it will take the dreariness away! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VKy69sE4VY


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