Snow Days!

snow_falling_on_blue_sky-1440x900The clouds are gray. The snow is falling. A thin layer of white is covering the ground. Ah yes…..the beauty and splendor of snow. With schools being closed in the Dallas area, the compound shut our school down, too!!!  Imagine that! A snow day in prison!!!! Because I work in the education department, I never imagined I would ever see a snow day again, especially living in Texas, but my work called for a snow day! God has a sense of humor, and I am enjoying my snow day.

As I sit in my room looking out the window, the gigantic wet snowflakes are covering the ground at an astounding speed. I guess everything really IS bigger in Texas, including the snowflakes! HA! Due to the weather conditions, the compound is closed for the third straight day. They say it’s a safety hazard for inmates to play outside in the snow. So we are required to stay inside. But wasn’t this the time during snow days from school that our parents bundled us up and told us to go have some in the snow?? And we went outside to play for hours at a time!

Everyone loves snow days…, teachers….well, maybe not parents so much. The best snow days I recall are the times the schools called off classes for the following day due to a big storm coming in, and the storm ever came. A free day off of school for no reason!!!

Because of the snow days I’m experiencing now, those real snow days from the past have created a ton of memories for me. Here is a list of some great memories for me:

  • Snow forts
  • Sledding at Bluebird Park
  • Shoveling the driveway
  • Snowball fights
  • Making money shoveling driveways
  • Snow football
  • Snowmen
  • Watching my neighbor Bill shove his driveway every hour….not sure why
  • Sledding on ice while sitting on a shovel
  • Sleepovers
  • Playing on the frozen creek near my house
  • Smell of cookies baking… mom always baked cookies on a snow day
  • Hot chocolate
  • More time playing Pac-man on Nintendo
  • A night with no homework
  • Snow ice cream
  • Eating the huge frozen icicles that dripped from the gutters
  • Popcorn and a movie

Most of these have a story to go with it – such great memories from my past. So what kinds of memories come to mind for you? Is there one moment that sticks out in you r mind more than the others? Memories are great; they make us who we are and remind us where we’ve been. While I sit here today thinking about all my past snow day memories, all I can do is smile and laugh at the great times. As I watch the snow continue to fall where I am now, it excites me to think that someday soon I’ll be able to create even more memories in the snow – maybe it will be an actual snow day, or a planned activity like snow-skiing or sledding with friends.

Snow is one of my favorite things, and I’m so thankful God has blessed me with the opportunity, once again, to experience and enjoy one of His masterpieces – even in the hot state of Texas. His timing couldn’t have been more perfect!


One thought on “Snow Days!”

  1. Craig – while I am most certainly NOT a fan of snow in my older years … I DO have some very fond memories of snow days (two in my lifetime in school in South Bend, IN!!!) and just plain snowy days after school and weekends! My most favorite snow projects were making a maze and making a snow fort along with the snow family who lived in it! There was MORE than an ample amount of snow to make ALL of it on just about any given day!!!

    So happy you enjoyed the rare Texas snow occasion! And, thank you for all of your sweet and amusing letters! Sorry to be so remiss here lately in writing back … But, I WILL!!!

    Blessings and love!


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