Stories from the Crib – Part 4

Nick BolleaIt’s laundry time!! I take care of my own laundry by doing it in the shower. It can be relaxing with the water beating on you. But some people in “the hole” like to do their laundry in the toilet. Yep! That’s right, the toilet!! Pretty disgusting if you ask me, but it works for them.

The toilets are not your everyday household toilet. They have extreme suction which means practically anything can be flushed down as long as it fits through the hole in the toilet. When I was at the detention center last year I witnessed a kid (16 years old) flush a t-shirt down the toilet. I have no clue why he did it…..most likely to be funny and to see if it worked. The t-shirt went down with ease. He got a kick out of it.

The reason some people do laundry in the toilet is because of the high powered pressure that can suck off the filth and grime. They shampoo the inside of the toilet water, make it nice and sudsy, and then start scrubbing and flushing, scrubbing and flushing many many times to get the grime off their clothes. The most important thing to remember is to hang on tightly to their clothes so they will not get flushed down. They say it works, but there’s no way I am going to try it.

The reason for doing our own laundry is because we only receive one or two sets of clothes for the week, so doing your own laundry is a must, unless you were my old “smelly cellie” who didn’t care about clean clothes. Ha!

Just wanted to share another day in our lives here. Never ever dreamed I would be learning this kind of information in my life…… Wish I didn’t.


One thought on “Stories from the Crib – Part 4”

  1. Thanks for sharing Craig. I am sure everyday things are difficult. We take so much for granted. The Cardinals are going to pull it out here in this second half. We’ll stay positive. And how about Rory about to win the Open. I hope you get that news.
    Take care. Praying for ya.


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