Stories from the Crib – Part 3

Nick BolleaAhhhh…!! I remember those days of fishing at the Lake with my dad and grandpa. Great memories!!

For all you fisherman, you might actually get a kick out of fishing in “the hole.” Not your kind of fishing hole, of course. I’m talking about fishing in “the hole” – in solitary confinement. The definition of fishing in prison is casting a tied and knotted line that is attached to a filled toothpaste tube for weight underneath the door to another door in your hallway. If you want your line to end up all the way down the hall, sometimes one might need the help of the neighbors to zigzag the line from door to door until it gets to the destination. It eventually gets to the place you want it

The reason you might throw a line out is to receive something you need or want from a neighbor; for instance, more soap or a book or magazine you might want to read or even some food. The neighbor receives the line after precious casting and ties the object what is wanted to the line just received. The caster then reels in his catch with excitement. It takes time and skill, of course, but all we have in the hole is time. Oh, in case you’re wondering where we get string from – it comes from the blankets – yards and yards of thread!!


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