In the Still of the Morning

The rays of sun reflecting in my cell through the painted covered windowBe-still
The rustic orange glow lighting up the room
The faint sounds of the last of the breakfast trays being picked up
The heavy breathy of my cellie going back to sleep
In minutes, all will be still and quiet.
Be still and know that I am God is repeated in my head

The early morning
In just a few hours all the inmates will be waking up from their after-breakfast nap
The guards will be moving about
The inmates will start shouting
Noise will be a constant for the remainder of the day
But for now, it’s quiet
It’s peaceful.
It’s the still of the morning.

Just me and God
The Bible is opened
Be still and know I am God
Psalm 46:10 is still in my head
The Scripture are read
They are broken down

The orange glow is slowly fading in my cell as the earth rotates.
Just a little longer to bask in the glow of Your presence
The halls are still eerily quiet
My conversation with God is winding down
In my head I hear a whisper
Be still and listen.
My prayers are finished.
Just then, a whistle
A bird outside my window
A smile on my face
There is no God like our God

Be still
And exalt God
In the still of the morning
With God


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