Past Journal Entries

Portions of Craig’s journal which he began on Day 37 of his incarceration at a county detention center.

Entry # 146. 9/20/2013. Day 183
Attorneys came today and talked to me about my sentencing and the PSI Report. All went as planned and expected. I’m still praying for a miracle. They let me read some harsh letters from the family involved. I know they are hurting but the words that they used was shocking and very unchristian. I continue to pray for them every day. I know God is working in everyone. I trust Him and know He has my road paved out for me. I do want them to forgive me someday.

Entry #154. 9/28/2013. Day 191
Got a jailhouse haircut today. It was way cheaper than paying $15 for an actual haircut. Cost me $3. Our prayer group has been growing as of late. Thank you, Jesus. It’s kind of cool speaking to everyone, especially to inmates in jail. Never thought my life would be like this. I give God the glory!

Entry #156. 9/30/2013. Day 193
Crazy day today. Been locked down since 11:30am. Lot of stuff going on next door in the hole, so we were locked down till dinner for that. Then about 20 guys after dinner decided not to lock down and stand their ground. About 15 officers had to come in here to prevent a riot. Things settled down, but a bunch of people had to go the hole and we’ve been locked down all night. No showers, no commissary, no phone, nothing. It stinks. All of us innocent people have to suffer for the other’s decisions. There’s a reason I’m here God, but I don’t belong mixed up with some of these people; it’s all a game to them and they’ll be in and out of prison the rest of their lives. Why God? What are you telling me? What are you teaching me? Help me, Lord! I need that miracle! It’s all your will, though!

Entry #163. 10/7/2013. Day 200
Wow! 200 days in. Almost done. Well not really, but it gets closer and closer. God keeps refining me more and more each day. My faith is growing stronger as well. God is teaching me every day. Found out Cards won today to tie the series at 2 in a best of 5. It should be exciting. I wish I could listen to it. Oh well.

Entry #170. 10/14/2013. Day 207
Lord, I’m frustrated. Just when I thought I couldn’t receive any more time, the state DA is showing no remorse and wants me to plead to doing another year after I’m done with my 74 months of Federal time. It’s so frustrating. Why can’t things ever go my way, Lord? What are you teaching me? I want this nightmare to just go away. The pain and suffering I’m going through is enough. I’m praying, Lord, and putting my faith and trust in You and always will. I submit to you. Reveal Your will to me, Lord. Amen


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