Stories from the Crib – Part 2

Stories From the Crib – Part 2
Nick Bollea
Hopefully, you read Part 1 and if so, you may think that life in a 10’ x 10’ cell can be very humorous, exciting, and creative. The faucet you read about is one thing; the shower is another object that brings out your creative side in order to make it work. Every shower head does two things: It shoots out water so fast that if you are not careful it can rip your skin right off. And the nozzle shoots water outside the shower, hardly keeping any water in the shower itself which creates a huge mess.

shower headThe first day in the cell I learned that the shower was not going to work properly since it was shooting water all over the beds. We are have a half curtain around the shower so the officers can see what you are doing at all times. That’s why the water is able to shoot over the curtain. The engineer in me starts brainstorming ideas to make the shower work properly. With a very limited amount of supplies (meaning none) I came up with an idea. You empty out a small tube of toothpaste. You rip the tube in half, using the end with the hole in it. Then clean it out. Shove the tube over the nozzle of the shower as far up as it goes to make it stay without holding it. Just so you know the shower nozzles are pretty small here. You aim the hole of the toothpaste tube in the direction you want it to shoot. Use tape which I acquire from letters and toothpaste to hold up the tube to make it stick. Hardened toothpaste is like cement, as long as it doesn’t get wet. Of course, being in a shower, the chances of the make-shift cement not getting wet are slim to none. So after every shower more toothpaste has to be applied and dried over night.

Overall, this invention slows down the water pressure and doesn’t get our beds wet anymore. It seems like a lot of work, but all I got is time. SMILE! And it works wonderfully! (Crib is prison slang for Cell)

Up next: doing laundry and fishing. Yep, we fish in here too!


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