Additional Journal Entries of Life in Prison

Continued portions of Craig’s journal which he began on Day 37 of his incarceration at a county detention center.

Entry #73. 7/9/2013. Day 110
Tomorrow I’ll be signing the plea. I’m ready to go on my mission trip. It’ll be long, but I trust God for protection, strength, and words. I’m not too happy with the plea, but I have to take it. There are lies being said about me, but I trust God will deliver me from my enemies. He is in control. I love you, Lord.

Entry #74. 7/10/2013. Day 111
Well, I did, just signed my life over to God to be a missionary for a good number of years. It’s all in God’s hands. I trust Him. He already has my bed picked out, my cell mate picked out, and everything else taken care of. It will be long and hard away from my family and friends, but I trust and have faith in God.

Entry #79. 7/15/2013. Day 116
Court tomorrow. Lord, continue to be with all tomorrow from van drivers to attorneys to judges to families involved. Continue to work miracles in all. You are a big God and nothing is impossible with you. I trust You and love You. Great devo tonight about second chances. Talked to Mom and Dad on phone today and will see them and talk to them tomorrow at visitation. Can’t wait.

Entry #89. 7/25/2013. Day 126
I’m hungry, but am hungry most every night. The other day the CO told me I look very skinny and need to eat more. I wish I could eat more, but they don’t give us enough and it’s not good. Breakfast is the best, but they only give you like a mini-snack.

Entry #92. 7/28/2013. Day 129
Just got done cleaning and am listening to the Cards game on ESPN radio. We are losing 4-2 in the 7th. They’ve lost 2 in a row but still in 1st place by 2 games. I miss watching the games. Man, I wish my life was on a different path. I wish I was on the streets. But I know God has a plan and I’m continuing to trust Him. Another day done. Thank you, Jesus! I still believe in your miracles.

Entry #107. 8/12/2013. Day 144
Thank you, Lord, for giving me a sense of peace with everything. I’m looking forward to my future and the miracles God has in store for me. Finished my 28th novel today. Time to start another one tonight.

Entry #113. 8/18/2013. Day 150
Another milestone today with this being my 150th day. Crazy! Good devo tonight about prioritizing and getting your cargo to the finish line. Can’t wait for the finish line! Had a good talk today about prison with another inmate. Sounds way better than this place. Can’t wait to get involved. I’m sure I’ll be scared at first, but with God and time it’ll be all good.


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