My Dad is Stronger Than Your Dad

muscle_main2How many times growing up have you heard or said the phrase “My Dad is stronger than your Dad?” Or maybe you have kids and still hear that phrase today. I just encountered something similar to that a few months back when I was awakened around 1am to all kinds of screaming and yelling. Now this is a common occurrence in county jail, but not to this extent. I usually tone it out and go back to sleep. But for some reason I stayed awake and listened to what was being said. Amidst all the swearing and death threats, the argument was “My gang is better than your gang.” I’ll save you the vulgar details, but it was basically an argument as to whose gang was more powerful and stronger. It was a pointless argument that resulted in a few fights the following day. I really wanted to jump up and say to them “Stop it! My Dad could take on your whole gang and win.” Of course, most wouldn’t get it, so I didn’t say anything, but it led to a great devotion idea.

How strong is our dad? Dad, being our Father in heaven. A great quote from a veggie tales song comes to my mind. “God is bigger than the boogie man, He’s bigger than Godzilla and monsters on TV.” Yes, God IS bigger than all things. There is nothing He cannot handle. There is nothing He cannot do. Just look at all the miracles He has done……miracles we have read about in the Bible and miracles we experience very day, such the sunrise and sunset, waking up every morning, breathing. If God wants something to happen, He can make it happen at the snap of His finger. Matthew 19:26 says, “With God, all things are possible.”

God will always test you. He will put you in situations where you must rely on Him to get you out of or through it. He wants you to make the big bold prayers so He can be challenged. God loves a challenge! He wants to prove to you that He can get you through anything. But you have to put your trust and faith in Him, knowing that He IS bigger than all. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING at all can beat our Father. He’s got our back at all times. So next time you’re in a situation where you’re thinking “this is impossible”, remember – God is bigger and stronger than everything. And next time you hear the phrase “My Dad is stronger than your Dad”, Yes, He is!

Scripture Reading: Psalm 121


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