Journal Entries….cont’d

Portions of Craig’s journal which he began at a county detention center.

Entry #33. 5/29/2013. Day 69

“I’m worn” by 10th Avenue North brought chills to me tonight. Lord, I am worn and tired and pray this is all over soon. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer Matthew 21:22. I believe, Lord, I believe. Talked to Mom and Dad tonight. Short but good conversation. I miss them. Continue to be with me, protect me, and bless me, Lord.

Entry #34. 5/31/2013. Day 71

After our nightly prayer circle we were all fist pumping and patting people on the back, telling everyone to have a good night. And I gave the CO (Commanding Officer) a pat on the back and told him to have a good night. He turned and said, “If you do that again, I’ll give you an assault on an officer charge.” Please be with him, Lord. He needs a lot of prayer. This place is not for me, God. It’s so hard to work in these conditions. Help me, Lord. Another month has come and gone. June 1 tomorrow. Dylan doesn’t think God is with us in jail. I’m trying to explain it to him, but he is so stubborn and won’t listen. Help me, Lord. Give me the words to teach him. It’s so hard, Lord. I need help.

Entry #36. 6/1/2013. Day 72

June 1. I miss everything. Being in jail makes me realize the need I have for family, friends, work, church, driving, eating street food, playing sports. There is so much I miss and can’t wait to get out here. I think I took those things for granted and will cherish them all with all my heart when I get out.

Entry #41. 6/6/2013. Day 77

Had a headache most of the day today. Not an exciting day, but I guess no day is in jail. I miss the golf course. I need to write them a letter. I’m tired every day and just want to go home. God, give me the strength to get through each day. With You all things are possible. I know miracles will start happening. I believe in you, Lord.

Entry #46. 6/12/2013. Day 83

Got my haircut this morning. I feel like a new man, and a lot lighter and cooler now. It’s crazy how the smallest things in jail can make you have a good day. I need small things/miracles like that every day. I just need to stay positive to lift my mood and spirit. Help me, Lord, help me.

Entry #47. 6/13/2013. Day 84

Isaiah 43 says God has redeemed me! Enough said. Good Night!


One thought on “Journal Entries….cont’d”

  1. Craig- i sense your urgency and trust in our Lord! He is able to make sufficient grace for each day. As the song “one Dayat a Time, Sweet Jesus, .. He WILL sustain you as you lean on His everlasting arms. You are indeed safe and secure there. He loves you… All of us more than we can comprehend! Press on toward the prize sweet man!

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