Where Is God?

I say:
Where are you, God, when I need You most?
Where are you, God, when I’ve lost my hope?
Where are you, God, when my faith is small?
Where are you, God, in the midst of it all?

Where are you, God, when I’ve lost my way?
Where are you, God, when I don’t know what to say?
Where are you, God, when I’m alone and scared?
Where are you, God, don’t you care?

God says:
I’m here for you through thick and thin.
I’ve never left you; here’s where I’ve been.

I was front and center at your birth
And so excited to have you start your work here on earth.
I’ve watched you grow from tot to teen,
Even saw an embarrassing moment when you plugged your nose with that bean

I was so proud of you when you took that stand
To accept me in your heart and to that I give a big hand.
I grinned when you became a college grad.
To say the least, I was one proud dad.

You continued to serve and teach about me every day.
But then temptation occurred and you lost your way.
I was right next to you when your faith was at a loss,
Even saw you turn to alcohol and hate your boss.

I saw you suffer through times of pain
But still you thought this lifestyle had much to gain.
I put my hand out for you day and night,
Hoping you’d come back to Me without a fight

You chose the world instead of Me,
But I love you so and forever this will be.
Your time locked up may be tough and long
But every step of the way, I’ll be along.

I’m happy to see your ways have turned.
You’re a witness and blessing to all; keep helping them learn.
Hold Me close to your heart and don’t let Me go
I promise I’ll get you through this, for this I know.

Your work for Me is not close to being done.
It’s starting now and when you leave these walls it’s just begun.
Your time locked up is just a bump in the road.
After I’ve tested you, you’ll come forth as gold.

The battle’s not yours, but Mine, and won!
I’m proud to be called your Father and prouder to call you son.
All things are possible with Me by your side.
So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

I say:
Thank you, God, your Word’s loud and clear.
I totally get that I have nothing to fear.
I can’t wait to see Your plan that’s in store.
I’ll trust you forever with my faith, growing more and more.
I love you, God, forever, that’s true
My sins are now forgiven, and I just want to say thank you.
Written by Craig Perino 3.21.14


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