Journal Entries….cont’d

Portions of Craig’s journal which he began on Day 37 of his incarceration at a county detention center.

Entry #15. 5/11/2013. Day 51

Good day today! I got to see Dale for an hour and 15 minutes tonight! Bonus! I really miss him. The time went by quickly. Went to church and Bible Study today. No singing though, unfortunately  After talking with Dale tonight I had more of a glimmer of hope than I have in a while. God is good. My trust and faith are always in Him.

Entry #19. 5/15/2013. Day 55

Got locked in my room from 5pm on because my bed wasn’t made military style. About 20 of the 40 guys in the dorm didn’t make it properly. Not fun and learned my lesson. Started a new puzzle tonight. Had lots of time to kill obviously. Had a crazy dream last night that felt so real. I kept saying, “I will trust you, Lord.” God is telling me something. God, I’m listening.

Entry #21. 5/17/2013. Day 57

I met with my attorneys today and left feeling so down. They put me in a horrible mood, telling me I need to keep prison time in my back burner. I did not want to hear that and am scared. Everyone involved is looking for blood. I just wish they would see me for who I am and not the mistakes I made. I’m glad the Lord looks at my heart and knows it well. Lord, I’m praying that you can soften their hearts. I want to get out on the streets and further Your kingdom. Help me, Lord. I need a miracle.

Entry #25. 5/21/2013. Day 61

From 6:30pm on tonight my evening was superb! Got to see Mom and Dad and had a great prayer group later. God was definitely in everyone tonight at the prayer group. My Mom brought up a good point tonight and said to use this time like it’s a mission field, and do God’s work. I can do it, God, I can do it. Help me to help others.

Entry #29. 5/25/2013. Day 65

I absolutely love singing praises to God! It’s an amazing feeling. If I could sing praises all day that would be heaven. The Pastor at church introduced himself to me today and said he wants me to come to their church when I get out He saw me singing and I got his attention. He introduced me to the chaplain, too. He said they are looking for a guitarist. Praise Jesus! Our prayer circle had 15 people tonight, all time high. God is good. And my faith and trust is high.

Entry #31. 5/27/2013. Day 67

Happy Memorial Day to all our military. Thanks for protecting our country. Thank you, Dad! I’m still praying for those miracles, Lord, I’m still praying every day.


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