Journal Entries

Portions of Craig’s journal which he began on Day 37 of his incarceration at a county detention center.

Entry #1. 4/27/2013. Day 37

So I got this idea in my mind last night to start journaling. So here I am, writing my first entry. Day was good; had 2 unexpected visitors tonight and had a good 30-minute talk through a glass window. Went to a church service today and Bible Study which helped to break up the long day. Started working out today. I’ll be sore tomorrow. I introduced my cellmate to memorizing Bible verses today, and he just asked for the sheets to look over. Had a good devo/prayer circle tonight, working on someone to come join us. Day went faster than normal, probably because we got to watch “4 Brothers” while our cell block was being deep cleaned. All I can do, Lord, is give you all of me for as long as a have left. I will do what you want, go where you send me, obey you regardless.

Entry #5. 5/1/2013. Day 41

Wow! May 1. Happy May Day! Brings back memories in Hawaii and each class had to create their own Hula Dance. Good memories! I struggled a little bit today and then came to peace when I read “The Testament” by John Grisham – the part when Nate started attending church and was dropping all of his baggage for God. Reminds me of “The Skit Guys” YouTube video. A new guy came to prayer circle tonight. God is good. Romans 8:38-39 Nothing can separate us from God’s love.

Entry #8. 5/4/2013. Day 44

Not an eventful day today, but I guess no days really are. There’s just so much on my mind. But I’m trusting God!!! I need you, God. Please rescue me from this place. I want to be with my family. Help me, God! Someone came up and thanked me for the Intro Bible Study guides I gave him that my aunt sent me. I’m gonna continue to do Your work, Lord. You have a plan. Thank you!

Entry #11. 5/7/2013. Day 47

I gotta talk to Q tomorrow about some stuff he said about getting to heaven. There are some non-believers in our group and he made it sound like everyone is going to heaven if they want. He doesn’t like when people disagree with him. I hope it goes OK. Listening to Cards/Cubs game now and Cards are losing 2-1 in 8th. I get to talk to Mom and Dad tomorrow. Can’t wait! Another day closer to freedom.